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What a concept! offers WordPress sites specifically for coaches and other small businesses.

If you’re a typical coach or small business owner, you started your business because you have a passion. You might find keeping up with the rapidly changing internet landscape a challenge. My job is to create a WordPress site that will let your business shine, so you can focus on what you do best.

What I offer

I specialize in building clean, easy-to-navigate websites using WordPress. I offer two flavors of WordPress packages: Custom and Value. For website packages, I charge a flat package price rather than by the hour. Why? Because sometimes I work quickly and other times I’m a bit slow. And I’m definitely a perfectionist, doing my best to make sure everything is at its best. I also offer hourly à la carte services, which include site maintenance.

Looking to up your game? I will soon be offering a monthly subscription package, What a concept! Monthly.

Learn more about each of my offerings below.

Learn more about what’s available:

Custom websites

Custom websites are created on WordPress, with a one-of-a-kind theme developed using the Divi framework by Elegant Themes. Your coaching practice will be showcased with a perfectly personalized look and feel using your images (or stock photos) and text.

These sites include five standard pages, or a single parallax page (similar to this page, with a single page against a slower scrolling background) plus two standard pages. Installation and configuration of up to four basic plugins are included, based on your desired functionality for your site.

The base price for Custom websites is $1599.* Get in touch for details!

*Additional pages and plugins (or more involved plugins) are available as à la carte price add-ons.

Value websites

Value websites are created on WordPress, using your choice of the dozens of templates found at Elegant Themes (not including Divi). I’ll adapt the template to reflect your coaching practice using your images (or stock photos) plus your text.

These sites include three separate pages or a single parallax page (similar to this page, with a single page against a slower-scrolling background). Installation and configuration of up to two basic plugins are included, based on your desired functionality for your site.

The base price for Value websites is $799.* Interested in learning more? Contact me!

*Additional pages and plugins (or more involved plugins) are available as à la carte price add-ons.

À la carte services

Most additional services are available on an hourly basis.* They include minor (or major) updates to an existing site, light copywriting and editing, email marketing system setup, email list maintenance and statistics reporting, and ecommerce setup.

My hourly rate is $70, although I do offer five-hour retainer packages for the discounted price of $320. Want to know more? Contact me!

*Some additional services, such as additional site pages, are available at a fixed price.

What a concept! Monthly


What a concept! Monthly subscriptions will include 1/2 hour of site maintenance time, WordPress instructional videos, articles, and an Intro to WordPress eBook. Videos and articles will be added twice monthly, and the eBook will be updated as WordPress releases new versions.

What a concept! Monthly subscriptions will be $59/month, but the first five subscribers will get the special monthly price of $49/month. Interested? Get in touch!

All WordPress Package Features, Specs, and Details

Your website will include a bunch of basics I feel every site should have. Here’s a list of the great stuff that goes into every web presence I create, whether Value or Custom:

  • A “look and feel” that fits your business and your personality
  • A responsive site that looks as good on your computer as it does on your phone or tablet
  • An integrated blog that you control; it can be the focus of your site, or used as a secondary feature
  • Analytics setup and installation so you can view site statistics and track your traffic
  • Full W3C compliance, as well as other best-practice principles
  • Browser testing for currently supported browsers, including mobile device browsers
  • Quality control testing to make sure everything works as it should
  • Complete installation to your web host server so you don’t have to touch a thing

Whatever package you choose, here’s the gist: you’ll get a clean, usable web design that turns heads and standards-compliant coding built for smooth operation.

Working with me

Transparency…that’s the primary concept by which I operate. I won’t overwhelm you with a bunch of technical jargon or overly slick marketing language. I want you to know what it is I’m doing, and how I’m doing it. I’ll give you honest recommendations based on my many years of website production experience.

I’ll interview you about what your goals for your new web presence, and then prepare a well-thought-out proposal for your project. No surprises halfway through, unless you surprise me.

About me

As Sharilyn Horne Business Concepts, I’ve successfully executed over 100 sites providing information design solutions and consulting to coaches and other small business owners with website design, site production, technical support, site maintenance, and client education. I’ve also created sites for government clients (including the City of Seattle) and Time Interactive (People, InStyle, Real Simple, and Golf).

In 2012 I took a break from my own business and spent a few years working for The Man. For three years, I served as the main contact for the online presence of a publisher specializing in quilting and knitting titles in a fast-paced, deadline-driven organization. More recently I provided in-person web and WordPress consulting services for large-scale projects for AllRecipes.com and Microsoft (learn more).

You can learn more about me at Sharilyn Horne Business Concepts, or you can follow me on LinkedIn.


Below you’ll find just a few examples of the dozens of WordPress sites I’ve launched over the years. You can see more of my portfolio at Sharilyn Horne Business Concepts.